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Allied Invasion Of Sicily - Background - The Defenders
... Sicily was about 200,000 Italian and 32,000 German troops, and 30,000 Luftwaffe ground staff ... The main German formations were the Panzer Division Hermann Göring and the 15th Panzergrenadier Division ... By late July the German units had been reinforced, principally by elements of two further divisions (1st Parachute Division and 29th Panzergrenadier Division) and a corps headquarters (XIV ...
Elsenborn Ridge - Key Position in The Battle of The Bulge - German Units
... The units responsible for seizing the northern sector of the offensive were specially chosen by Adolf Hitler and given priority for supply and equipment ... the 9th SS Panzer Division was an armored division formed of 18 year old German conscripts led by a cadre of experienced staff from the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler ... Major General Engel’s 12th SS Panzer Division, a German Waffen SS armoured division whose junior officers and enlisted men were drawn from members of the Hitler Youth, while the senior ...
List Of Military Units In The Warsaw Uprising - German Units
... As of 23 August, 1944 the German units directly involved with fights in Warsaw were divided into Kampfgruppe Rohr (commanded by general major Rohr) Kampfgruppe Reinefarth (commanded by SS-Gruppenführ ... were clearly subject to the control of the German war machine ...
Blue Division - Disbandment and The Legión Azul
... Spaniards also joined other German units, mainly the Waffen-SS, and fresh volunteers slipped across the Spanish border near Lourdes in occupied France ... The new pro-German units were collectively called the Legión Azul ("Blue Legion") ... The rest of the volunteers were absorbed into German units ...
Battle Of Lanzerath Ridge - Prelude - German Positions
... Many of the German units were recent conscripts with very little experience ... The German units had been formed by conscripting teenage boys and men over 50, men previously rejected as physically unfit for service, wounded soldiers newly released from hospitals, and men transferred ... The German 3rd Fallschirmjaeger Division, which had previously acquired a superb combat reputation, had been virtually destroyed during the Normandy Invasion in the ...

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