Germ Cells

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Sex Organs - Plants - Flowering Plants
... plants involves the union of the male and female germ cells ... These male germ cells are carried to the pistil (female sex organ), with the ovary at its base where fertilization can take place ... The male germ cells can be carried by air, rain, water, insects or other symbiotic animals, or simply by gravity ...
Stem Cell Factor - Role in Development
... SCF may serve as guidance cues that direct hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) to their stem cell niche (the microenvironment in which a stem cell resides), and it plays an important role in HSC maintenance ... of the SCF also plays an important role in the localization of melanocytes, cells that produce melanin and control pigmentation ... express the Kit receptor, and it is believed that SCF guides these cells to their terminal locations ...
History of Evolutionary Thought
... August Weismann made the important distinction between germ cells (sperm and eggs) and somatic cells of the body, demonstrating that heredity passes through the germ line only ... Hugo de Vries connected Darwin's pangenesis theory to Wiesman's germ/soma cell distinction and proposed that Darwin's pangenes were concentrated in the cell nucleus and ...
Development Of The Gonads
... The immature ova originate from cells from the dorsal endoderm of the yolk sac ... and the oogonia become fully surrounded by a layer of connective tissue cells (pre-granulosa cells) In this way, the rudiments of the ovarian follicles are formed ... Germ cells migrate from near the allantois and colonize the primordial gonads ...

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    They are sworn enemies of lyric poetry.
    In prison they accompany the jailer,
    Enter cells to hear confessions.
    Their short-end comes down
    When you least expect it.
    Charles Simic (b. 1938)

    And such the trust that still were mine,
    Though stormy winds swept o’er the brine,
    Or though the tempest’s fiery breath
    Roused me from sleep to wreck and death.
    In ocean cave, still safe with Thee
    The germ of immortality!
    And calm and peaceful shall I sleep,
    Rocked in the cradle of the deep.
    Emma Hart Willard (1787–1870)