Georgiana Mc Crae - Debt On Mayfield and Squattocracy in Arthurs' Seat

Debt On Mayfield and Squattocracy in Arthurs' Seat

In December 1841, her first daughter Lucia was born, and they lived in a much bigger house called Mayfield on the corner of Church Street and Victoria Street. However, McCrae borrowed a great deal and Nicholson took out a mortgage in July 1843.

When times in Port Philip grew hard, despite the Insolvency Act, Andrew McCrae wished to abandon Melbourne life, so he started a project to go to Arthur's Seat. Georgiana visited there in 1844. The Duchess did not wish to buy Mayfield, so in 1845 the McCraes prepared to move to Arthur's Seat, and sailed on the Jemina for nine hours. Andrew's plans to expand were at first hampered by the Purchase Regulations set up by Governor Gipps - but the leases were extended by seven years and McCrae held 21,360 acres (86.4 km2) of Arthur's Seat. Andrew and Georgiana built a cottage at the foot of Arthur's Seat which was later named McCrae Homestead.

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