Georgia State Route 10 Loop

Georgia State Route 10 Loop

State Route 10 Loop (SR 10 Loop, also known as Loop 10, Paul Broun Parkway or the Athens Perimeter Highway) is a beltway around Athens, Georgia, United States. Except for a single at-grade intersection, it is built to freeway standards. Much of the road is concurrent with other routes (such as U.S. Route 29 (US 29), US 78, US 129, US 441, SR 8 and SR 15) that pass through the Athens area; only US 78 BUS, SR 10 and SR 15 ALT pass through downtown Athens. Inner/Outer directions are often used to sign the loop.

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Georgia State Route 10 Loop - Exit List
15 south) and 4B (Timothy Road) on inner loop 6 ... SR 15 Alternate north (Milledge Avenue) Exit to reach State Botanical Garden of Georgia 14 7 ... west / SR 10 (Oconee Street, Lexington Road) Counterclockwise end of US 78 overlap exit to reach Downtown Athens, Lexington, Washington, Athens-Ben Epps Airport Peter Street, Olympic Drive At-grade. 10B US 129 north / US 441 north / SR 10 Loop outer – Commerce, Jefferson (also unsigned SR 15 North) Counterclockwise exit ...

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