George C. Marshall European Center For Security Studies

The George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies is a unique U.S. Department of Defense and German Defense Ministry security and defense studies institute. Since its dedication in 1993, its mission has been to create a more stable security environment by advancing democratic institutions and relationships, especially in the field of defense; promoting active, peaceful, security cooperation; and enhancing enduring partnerships among the nations of North America, Europe, and Eurasia. The Marshall Center offers graduate-level resident programs as well as conferences and other outreach programs to military and civilian government officials from Europe, Eurasia, North America and beyond. Its international faculty consists of 35 faculty members from 10 countries — the United States and Germany, as well as Albania, Austria, Canada, France, Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The Marshall Center’s College of International and Strategic Studies offers five resident courses that examine national, regional and international security issues. Each course is held two or three times a year.

The Marshall Center is co-located with the Armed Forces Recreation Center's Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, a U.S. Department of Defense owned hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Located in the Bavarian Alps near the Austrian border, the Edelweiss opened in September 2004. Both the Marshall Center and the Edelweiss are supported by the Bavarian Military Community Garmisch, which falls under Army Installation Management Command-Europe.

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