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Genotype and Mathematics

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Inspired by the biological concept and usefulness of genotypes, computer science employs simulated phenotypes in genetic programming and evolutionary algorithms. Such techniques can help evolve mathematical solutions to certain types of otherwise difficult problems.

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Determining Genotype
... Genotyping is the process of elucidating the genotype of an individual with a biological assay ... MSI and LOH in particular have been associated with cancer cell genotypes for colon, breast and cervical cancer ... limitations typically allow only a fraction of an individual’s genotype to be determined efficiently ...
... Telaprevir is only indicated for use against hepatitis c genotype 1 viral infections and hasn´t been proven to have an effect on or being safe when used for other genotypes of the virus ... interferon and ribavirin is less effective on genotype 1 and telaprevir offers a welcome addition to the treatment of this genotype ...
The Mendelian Randomization Approach
... Importantly, the genotype must only affect the disease status indirectly via its effect on the exposure of interest ... Because genotypes are assigned randomly when passed from parents to offspring during meiosis, if we assume that choice of mate is not associated with genotype (panmixia), then the population genotype ... the technique of instrumental variables (Thomas Conti 2004, Didelez Sheehan 2007), with genotype acting as an instrument for the exposure of interest ...

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