Genetics of Aggression - Human Behavior Genetics

Human Behavior Genetics

In determining if a trait is related to genetic factors or environmental factors, twin studies and adoption studies are used. These studies examine correlations based on similarity of a trait and a person's genetic or environmental factors that could influece the trait. Aggression has been examined via both twin studies and adoption studies.

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Genetics Of Aggression - Human Behavior Genetics - Adoption Studies
... Adoption studies allow genetic factors of behavior to be tested by taking advantage of the fact that an adopted person shares their genetic makeup with their biological parents but was actually raised ... Therefore, if a behavior is genetic the person should resemble their biological parent but if a behavior is more environmentally influenced, the person will resemble the parent that raised the person ... concordance rate of crime and aggressive behavior ...
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... testing is a field characterized by the use of samples of behavior in order to assess psychological construct(s), such as cognitive and emotional functioning, about ... By samples of behavior, one means observations of an individual performing tasks that have usually been prescribed beforehand, which often means scores on a test ... that allow the evaluator to compare the behavior of the individual being tested to the responses of a norm group ...
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