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Hok/sok System - Genes Involved
... The hok/sok system involves three genes hok, host killing - a long lived (half-life 20 minutes) toxin sok, suppression of killing - a short lived (half-life 30 seconds) RNA antitoxin mok, modulation of ...
HES1 and Stem Cells - Neural Development
... Indeed, if the expression of Hes1, Hes3, and Hes5 genes is inhibited, the expression of proneural genes increases, and while neurogenesis is accelerated, neural stem cells become prematurely depleted ... Contrariwise, if these HES genes are overexpressed, neurogenesis is inhibited ... Thus HES1 genes are only involved in maintaining, not creating, neural stem cells ...
Plasmodium Falciparum Biology - Genome - Subtelomeric Regions
... In general transcription of genes located next to telomeres is repressed, a phenomenon termed the telomere position effect ... found in this region rather than the position of the gene ... Subtelomeric regions in general are low in gene density, low in transcription, low in recombination, late replicating, are involved in protecting the end from degradation and end-to-end ...
Inducible Plant Defenses Against Herbivory - A Mechanism of Defence Induction: Changes in Gene Transcription Rates
... in some cases the result of changes in the transcription rates of genes in a plant ... Genes involved in this process may differ between species, but common to all plants is that systemically induced defences occur as a result of changes in ... The changes in transcription can involve genes which either do not encode products involved in insect resistance, or are involved in general ...
Homeotic Gene
... Homeotic genes cause the development of specific structures in plants and animals ... They include many of the Hox and ParaHox genes which are important for segmentation, They also include the MADS-box-containing genes involved the ABC model of flower development ... It is important to note that not all homeotic genes are Hox genes the MADS- box genes are homeotic but not Hox genes ...

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