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British Rail Locomotive And Multiple Unit Numbering And Classification - 1973 Numbering and Classification - TOPS - Multiple Units
... The multiple unit series were divided up as follows Class Type 100-114 Diesel-Mechanical 'Low Density' passenger units (i.e ... doors to every seating bay) and 'Cross-Country' (long distance) passenger units - long (63'6") frame 128-131 Parcels units - mostly long frame, but Class 129 are short 140-144 Second ... class numbers (presumably because these units were more prone to being reformed), but this was subsequently revised so that each type of unit had a single class number, as allocated to the driving motor car ...
British Rail Class 129 - Departmental Usage
... Single car unit No RDB 975385 (formerly a Cravens parcels car NoM55997) was converted as a test bed for hydrostatic drive in 1980 and was known as 'Laboratory 9 Hydra' ... The unit was finally scrapped by Vic Berry at Leicester ... Diesel multiple units of the United Kingdom First generation units 129 ... 131 ... First ...

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