Generalized Barycentric Coordinates

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Slack Variable - Embedding in Orthant
... Further information Orthant and Generalized barycentric coordinates Slack variables give an embedding of a polytope into the standard f-orthant ... Slack variables are dual to generalized barycentric coordinates, and, dually to generalized barycentric coordinates (which are not unique but can all ... Dually, generalized barycentric coordinates express a polytope with n vertices (dual to facets), regardless of dimension, as the image of the standard -simplex, which has n vertices ...
Barycentric Coordinate System (mathematics) - Generalized Barycentric Coordinates - Applications
... Generalized barycentric coordinates have applications in computer graphics and more specifically in geometric modelling ... a three-dimensional model can be approximated by a polyhedron such that the generalized barycentric coordinates with respect to that polyhedron have a geometric meaning ... model can be simplified by using these meaningful coordinates ...

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