General Roman Calendar of 1962 - July



  • 1: The Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, I class.
  • 2: On the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, II class, Com. of Ss. Processus and Martinian Martyrs.
  • 3: St. Irenaeus Bishop and Martyr, III class.
  • 4: Feria.
  • 5: St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria Confessor, III class.
  • 6: Feria.
  • 7: Ss. Cyril and Methodius Bishops and Confessors, III class.
  • 8: St. Elizabeth Queen, Widow, III class.
  • 9: Feria.
  • 10: The Seven Holy Brothers Martyrs, and Ss. Rufina and Secunda Virgins and Martyrs, III class.
  • 11: Commemoration of St. Pius I Pope and Martyr, Comm.
  • 12: St. John Gualbert Abbot, III class, Com. of Ss. Nabor and Felix Martyrs.
  • 13: Feria.
  • 14: St. Bonaventure Bishop, Confessor, and Doctor of the Church, III class.
  • 15: St. Henry II Emperor, Confessor, III class.
  • 16: Commemoration of Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel, Comm.
  • 17: Commemoration of St. Alexius Confessor, Comm.
  • 18: St. Camillus de Lellis Confessor, III class, Com. of St. Symphorosa and her seven Sons Martyrs.
  • 19: St. Vincent de Paul Confessor, III class.
  • 20: St. Jerome Emiliani Confessor, III class, Com. of St. Margaret Virgin Martyr.
  • 21: St. Lawrence of Brindisi Confessor and Doctor of the Church, III class, Com. of St. Praxedes Virgin.
  • 22: St. Mary Magdalene Penitent, III class.
  • 23: St. Apollinaris Martyr, III class, Com. of St. Liborius Bishop and Confessor.
  • 24: Commemoration of St. Christina Virgin and Martyr.
  • 25: St. James Apostle, II class.
  • 26: St. Anne Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, II class.
  • 27: St. Pantaleon Martyr, Comm.
  • 28: Ss. Nazarius and Celsus Martyrs, Victor I Pope and Martyr, and St. Innocent I Pope and Confessor, III class.
  • 29: St. Martha Virgin, III class, Com. of Ss. Felix, Simplicius, Faustinus, and Beatrice Martyrs.
  • 30: Commemoration of Ss. Abdon and Sennen Martyrs, Comm.
  • 31: St. Ignatius Confessor, III class.

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