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Progressive Utilization Theory - Other Key Concepts - Economics - General Economy
... General economy consists of two parts Organization of the industrial structure Coordination of economic planning at all levels The overall position of PROUT in respect to general economy ... PROUT extends the general concept of industry to include all aspects of the agricultural and service sectors as well, arguing that they too should be run in an efficient industrial fashion ... As these industries are critical for the entire economy, they should be run on a break-even basis ...
The Accursed Share
... economic theory, which Bataille calls "general economy," as distinct from the "restricted" economic perspective of most economic theory ... Changing from the perspectives of restrictive economy to those of general economy actually accomplishes a Copernican transformation a reversal of thinking—and of ethics ... world demands of Americans that they lucidly grasp the necessity, for an economy such as theirs, of having a margin of profitless operations ...

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    Quidquid luce fuit tenebris agit: but also the other way around. What we experience in dreams, so long as we experience it frequently, is in the end just as much a part of the total economy of our soul as anything we “really” experience: because of it we are richer or poorer, are sensitive to one need more or less, and are eventually guided a little by our dream-habits in broad daylight and even in the most cheerful moments occupying our waking spirit.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    The general interest of the masses might take the place of the insight of genius if it were allowed freedom of action.
    Denis Diderot (1713–1784)