Gelou (duke)

Gelou (duke)

Gelou (Romanian: Gelu; Hungarian: Gyalu) is the name of a Transylvanian Romanian duke mentioned in 13th century Gesta Hungarorum ("The Deeds of the Hungarians") as fighting against Tuhutum (Töhötöm, Tétény), one of the "seven dukes" of the invading Magyar tribes.

In the opinion of the Romanian historian Tudor Sălăgean, the most probable emplacement of the capital of the voivodeship was in Gilău Mountains

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... century chronicles, it is a mistake to treat Gelouas a purely fictional character whose name derived from that of the Transylvanian town Gilău (Gyalu in Hungarian ... Some Hungarian authors are claiming that Gelouwas not a real person and that it was created by Anonymous from a toponym by etymology ...