Gelli may refer to:

  • Giambattista Gelli, Italian humanist
  • Licio Gelli, Italian fascist Freemason associated with the rogue Masonic lodge Propaganda Due or P2, accused of attempting to covertly overthrow Italy's government to establish a new Italian fascism in the late 1970s
  • Ramesh Gelli, Indian bank executive
  • Mynydd y Gelli, Welsh mountain
  • Gelli, Pembrokeshire, hamlet in Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • Gelli, Rhondda, in Rhondda Valley - a district of Ystrad
  • Ardenis, Armenia, formerly Gelli

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Propaganda Due - P2's Influence - Corriere Della Sera Takeover
... house Rizzoli, struck a deal with Gelli ... The paper published a long interview with Gelli in 1980 ... Gelli said he was in favour of rewriting the Italian constitution towards a Gaullist presidential system ...
Si S (TV Series) - Overview
... and then that real-life sisters and actresses Janice de Belen and Gelli de Belen would headline the show Sis, an abbreviation for "sisters." Janice and Gelli were chosen because of their accomplishments in their fields ... Gelli on the other hand, had the '90s generation of the viewing public rollicking into laughter when she portrayed kooky characters on TV and movies before ... The early episodes showed Janice and Gelli visiting the houses of popular guests from Monday to Thursday and holding a show before a live audience on Fridays ...
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... several prehistoric sites, the main one being Mynydd y Gelli ... of the town, the remains of an Iron Age settlement Hen Dre'r Gelli lies on the slopes of Mynydd Y Gelli hill between Tonypandy and Gelli ...
Mynydd Y Gelli
... Mynydd Y Gelli is one of the mountains that forms the Rhondda Valley in South Wales, United Kingdom ... The name Mynydd Y Gelli is also loaned to the Iron age burial site that lies on one of its sides above Tonypandy, Clydach Vale and Llwynypia ...