Gaullist Party

In France, the Gaullist Party is usually used to refer to the largest party professing to be Gaullist. Gaullism claimed to transcend the left/right rift (in a similar way to populist parties elsewhere such as Fianna Fáil in Ireland). The current Gaullist party is the Union for a Popular Movement.

Some personalities and voters defined themselves as "left-wing Gaullists" - a view often ascribed to leading Gaullist André Malraux. However, most of Charles de Gaulle's followers were conservative, and after his death, traditional left-wing voters ceased voting Gaullist and figures identified with the Gaullist left such as Jacques Chaban-Delmas were gradually marginalised. Under its various names and acronyms, the Gaullist Party has been the dominant organization of the French right since the beginning of the Fifth Republic (1958).

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Charles Pasqua - Life and Political Career
... In 1947, he helped create the section of the Gaullist Party RPF movement for the Alpes-Maritimes ... The SAC would be charged with the underground actions of the Gaullist movement and participated in the organization of the 30 May 1968 Gaullist counter-demonstration it was officially dissolved by President ... Charles Pasqua was first elected deputy of the UDR Gaullist party in 1968, ten years after having founded the Service d'Action Civique (SAC) organisation ...
Marcel Francisci - Biography
... (RDF), the forerunner of the present-day Gaullist Party (UDR) ... Francisci's influence in the party grew with his bank account and he would later become a leader of the Gaullist Party in Corsica ... was nearly killed by snipers while leaving an election rally in favor of John Bozzi, a Gaullist candidate, in Ajaccio, Corsica, but he managed to escape ...

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