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In Measurement

  • Gauge (instrument), any of a variety of measuring instruments
    • For gauges on a car dashboard, see Dashboard items
  • Gauge blocks, metal blocks of precisely known length, used in measuring
  • Gauge (bore diameter), the diameter of a shotgun barrel
  • Wire gauge, a measurement of the cross-sectional area of a wire
    • American wire gauge, a measurement of diameter of a wire
    • Stubs Iron Wire Gauge, which corresponds to the diameter of a hypodermic needle
    • See also Category:Wire gauges
  • Unit of thickness used for thin plastics; 1 gauge = 1/100 mil = 1/100,000 inch = 25.4/100000 millimetre = 0.254 micrometre
  • Sheet metal gauge, thickness of metal in sheet form
  • Sight glass or water gauge for measuring liquid level heights in storage tanks and pressure vessels
  • Boost gauge, a gauge used in conjunction with turbo-super-chargers
  • Pressure gauge or vacuum gauge (see pressure measurement)
  • Stream gauge for measuring height and discharge of a river or stream
  • The size of wire used in making jewelry: see Jewelry wire gauge
  • The thickness of body jewelry, regardless of material: see Body jewelry sizes
  • Film gauge, a physical property of film stock which defines its size
  • ANOVA gauge R&R, a statistical tool to measure variation arising from the measurement device and its operators
  • Air core gauge, a type of rotary actuator often used in automotive instruments
  • Needle gauge for comparing outer diameter of medical needles

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