Gas Cooled Reactors

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Nuclear Meltdown - Other Reactor Types - Gas-cooled Reactors
... One type of Western reactor, known as the advanced gas-cooled reactor (or AGCR), built by the United Kingdom, is not very vulnerable to loss-of-cooling accidents or to core damage except in the most ... volume and high pressure of the coolant, and the relatively high heat transfer efficiency of the reactor, the time frame for core damage in the event of a limiting fault is measured in days ... Other types of highly advanced gas cooled reactors, generally known as high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGRs) such as the Japanese High Temperature Test Reactor and the United States' Very High Temperature ...
Magnox - Gas Cooled Reactors
... of these first-generation, carbon dioxide-cooled, graphite-moderated reactors, including the Magnox and UNGG, is GCR for Gas Cooled Reactor ... Magnox was replaced in the British power station program by the Advanced gas-cooled reactor or AGR, which was derived from it ...

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