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Kbk Wz. 1996 Mini-Beryl - Design Details
89 Onyks carbine, it is however slightly longer to accommodate the modified gas block ... threading used to screw the flash suppressor into the gas block (it has a lower volume decompression compartment) ... The weapon’s gas block is longer than that of the Onyks and it features internal threading that is used to secure the muzzle device in place ...
Bushmaster Firearms International - Bushmaster Firearms - Dissipator Models
... suffered from reliability problems due to the close proximity of the gas port to the muzzle, which throws the timing of the weapon's gas system off and makes it especially sensitive to gas port diameter and port ... Bushmaster's solution was to use the front sight tower/gas block in its regular, long sight radius position as for the M16, and then fit a second, "shaved ... This second gas block is completely covered by the standard full-length M16A2 handguards, which may be used without further modification ...
AKM - Design Details - Gas Block
... The gas block in the AKM does not have a cleaning rod capture or sling loop but is instead fitted with an integrated bayonet support collar that has a cleaning rod guide hole ... Gas relief ports that alleviate gas pressure in the piston cylinder (placed horizontally in a row on the gas cylinder in the AK-47) were moved forward to the gas ...

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