Gargano Island

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Tyto Robusta - Evolution, Taxonomy and Systematics
... Being apparently endemic to Gargano Island and perhaps some other islands in today's Apennines, where one or two huge eagles and at least at times a normal-sized barn-owl also occurred (though no ... "If one assumes that the large barn-owls on Gargano would have arisen from multiple colonizations, T ... related is debatable." More recently, it was noted that the smaller barn-owl of Gargano was not Tyto sanctialbani, which inhabited Europe north of the Alps in the latter Miocene, but its ...
Tyto Robusta - Ecology
... The fossil owl bones are of Gargano are found in terra rossa ("red earth") paleokarst infills ... In any case, the Gargano giant barn-owls must have lived in habitat not too different from that of the Caribbean giant barn-owls of the Quaternary semihumid to semiarid—perhaps ... Like some barn-owls today, the huge forms of Gargano Island might thus have been ground-nesters ...

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