Gargano - Gargano Peninsula Fossils

Gargano Peninsula Fossils

Some 12 to 4 mya (million years ago) during the Late Miocene to Early Pliocene, a highly endemic vertebrate fauna evolved on what was then Gargano Island due to higher sea levels than today. Several of these animals were subject to island gigantism.

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Gargano Peninsula Fossils - The Mikrotia Fauna
... The Gargano Island endemic mammals included Deinogalerix - 5 species of gymnures ("hairy hedgehogs"), among them the giant D. 1985) Megacricetodon - another hamster (Freudenthal, 1985) Bird species occurring at Gargano included (studied by Ballmann, 1973, 1976) Apus wetmorei, a swift ... Columba omnisanctorum - one of the oldest pigeon fossils known ...

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