Gamma Emission

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Technetium-99m - Nuclear Properties
... The nucleus will eventually relax to its ground state through the emission of gamma rays or internal conversion electrons ... Tc-99m decays mainly by gamma emission, slightly less than 88% of the time ... (99mTc → 99Tc + γ) About 98.6% of these gamma decays result in 140.5 keV gamma rays and the remaining 1.4% are to gammas of a slightly higher energy at 142.6 keV ...
Properties - Gamma Ray Production - Radioactive Decay (gamma Decay)
... Gamma rays from radioactive gamma decay are produced alongside other forms of radiation such as alpha or beta, and are produced after the other types of decay occur ... It can then move to a lower energy state by emitting a gamma ray, in much the same way that an atomic electron can jump to a lower energy state by emitting a photon ... Emission of a gamma ray from an excited nuclear state typically requires only 10−12 seconds, and is thus nearly instantaneous ...

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