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Yahtzee Texas Hold'em

Yahtzee Texas Hold 'em, marketed in 2005, combines the concepts of the parent game and the poker variant Texas hold 'em. In this game, twenty dice are used, one set of five for each of the colors red, yellow, black, and white.

Players each pick two dice from a bag and rolls them under one's personal cup. These would be the player's personal dice. Then five "community" dice are chosen, then rolled much like same way as the cards in Texas Hold 'em poker. Players try to make the best five-dice "hand" out of the seven community and personal dice.

Combinations used in this game, ordered here from weakest to strongest, are: Two Pair, Three-of-a-Kind, Full House, Straight (five-dice sequence), Four-of-a-Kind, Flush, regular Yahtzee (a Yahtzee of differently colored dice), Straight Flush, and Yahtzee Flush (a Yahtzee of the same color).

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