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In Word Yahtzee, which was produced in 1978 and developed from the game Scribbage, players roll seven dice and within one minute (hence the hourglass provided in each Word Yahtzee set) must form words which correspond to points. Each side of every die is printed like a Scrabble tile with a letter and small subscripted number on the lower right corner. One side of one die is marked with a diamond, which acts like the blank tile in Scrabble (can represent any letter, but will have no value).

The corresponding scoresheet, like the parent game, has an Upper and Lower Section. In the Upper Section, points are scored and marked for two- to six-letter words, with each word determined by the point values of its letters. The player is awarded 35 points if the total score in the Upper Section is at least 45. In the Lower Section are seven scoring categories: One Word, Two Words (at the same turn), Three Words (at the same turn), All Consonants, All Vowels (the consonant Y is considered a vowel in this game), Yahtzee Word (a seven-letter-word), and Chance.

Of course, a word has to be a valid Scrabble word before it is scored, except in the All Consonants, All Vowels and Chance categories, although the pronoun "I" and the indefinite article "a" are also considered words.

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