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Last Chance/Yahtzee Deluxe Poker

The game Last Chance, which started marketing in 1994, is a combination of contract bidding and Yahtzee with side betting. It was renamed Yahtzee Deluxe Poker in 2005; although the values are 30% higher and some components have a redesign, the mechanics of the game remain the same. Described below is some of the mechanics as described in Yahtzee Deluxe Poker.

There are 36 cards used in the game, each bearing a combination, the number of rolls in which the combination should be achieved, and the value of the card. Seven of these cards are placed in the tray provided and are used in the game.

A card on the tray is turned face up. Players bid for the right to roll the dice. The highest bidder would be win that right. Afterwards, the other players bet on whether the player who is rolling would achieve the combination in the rolls indicated or not. If the player who rolls achieves the combination within the number of rolls stated by the card, that player wins the value of the card, the card itself, and all bets against him. Otherwise, the rolling player loses his/her bid to the bank; the card and the dice that match it stay and the process (i.e. the right to roll for the remaining dice and all subsequent betting) is repeated until the combination on the card is achieved by any player. A new card, and therefore a new combination, then comes into play.

Certain cards have Joker spaces (denoted by the letter J) which can stand for any number. If there is more than one Joker in the card, the player must decide which value each Joker must represent.

A player can also go for the "All In" option, especially if that player is almost out of chips and/or has not won a card. This option effectively enables the player to bet all of his/her remaining chips and become the rolling player. Certain elimination from the game awaits the rolling player should that player lose. The "All In" option can only be used once, so a player must decide when it is best to use it. In Last Chance, this option is called "Last Chance" because the player who uses it would have one last chance to stay in the game, hence the original name.

A player must win at least one card in order to win the entire game. The player who has the most chips after the seven chosen cards are played and won is declared the winner.

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