Games Related To Yahtzee - Casino Yahtzee

Casino Yahtzee, which made an appearance in 1986, is said to combine the suspense of a gambling game with Yahtzee strategy, as well as keeping track of the movements of one's opponents.

Each player uses a 51-space game board. Thirty of these spaces represent the faces of the five dice used in the game: a blue die numbered 1-6, an orange one 2-7, a magenta one 3-8, a green one 4-9, and a red one 5-10. These are the player's personal places. The remaining twelve spaces are score spaces. When a player obtains a score space, he/she gains its value and its ownership by covering this score with a white chip and the others doing the same on their boards so no other player can get the same score space. A scorekeeper keeps track of the players' scores.

A player's turn consists of rolling the dice to obtain five numbers. This is done by either rolling all five dice at once or rolling at least one die several times to meet the required five numbers. Then the player covers those numbers and the colors obtained using black chips. If a number is already covered, it still counts one of the five numbers.

Points are scored by "closing a row," i.e. covering all numbers of a single color, covering a sequence of numbers or all numbers that repeat. A string corresponds to a score space, and therefore points for that player. All of a player's actions must be announced to both the scorekeeper and all other players; failure to do so might result in a player closing the same row and score those points. As mentioned earlier, only one player can use a score space.

A player can also go for a bonus by attempting to roll the five dice and show different numbers. If the roll turns up sequential numbers, a Rainbow bonus is scored, doubling the total bonus points.

The game ends when all rows are closed and scored. The scorekeeper totals all the points obtained by each player. The player with the highest score wins the game.

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