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List Of The Legend Of Zelda Media - Video Games - Spin-offs
... date(s) August 1989 Release years by system 1989 – Game Watch 1998 – Mini Classic Notes Based on the original The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System The penultimate Game Watch handheld ... Notes Developed by Animation Magic Side-scrolling game Nintendo licensed its characters for Philips' game console Zelda The Wand of Gamelon Original release date(s) October 10, 1993 October 10, 1993 Release. 2, 2006 September 14, 2007 Release years by system 2006 – Nintendo DS Notes Role-playing game featuring Tingle as the main character Tingle's Balloon ...
Mario Games - Game & Watch
... Nintendo has released several Mario and Donkey Kong LCD video games for the Game Watch console ... Nintendo also licensed the release of six LCD games for Nelsonic's Game Watch line between 1989 and 1994 ...
Star Fox (video game) - Reception and Legacy - Other Games in The Series
... has become a Nintendo franchise, with five more games and numerous appearances by its characters in other Nintendo games such as Super Smash Bros ... to programmer Dylan Cuthbert, the game was actually completely finished ... Adventures was the first Star Fox game to incorporate an action role-playing element, where the player took control of Fox McCloud on the world of Sauria, also known as Dinosaur Planet ...
LCD Games From The Legend Of Zelda Series - Zelda (Game & Watch) - Reception
... Zelda is thought to have pushed the limits of what is possible on the Game Watch LCD format, though the gameplay is far simpler than the NES original ... The game was noted in particular by Famitsu Magazine as having achieved the excitement and RPG-feel of the original series, however the game was criticized for being too easy if the player attained too many power-ups ... Retro Gamer Magazine rated it Number 5 in their "Perfect Ten Games" for Game Watch, noting that "it did capture the feel of the world it was played in." In total ...

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    Have you noticed when reading War and Peace the difficulties Tolstoy experienced in forcing morally wounded Bolkonsky to come into geographical and chronological contact with Natasha? It is very painful to watch the way the poor fellow is dragged and pushed and shoved in order to achieve this happy reunion.
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    The indispensable ingredient of any game worth its salt is that the children themselves play it and, if not its sole authors, share in its creation. Watching TV’s ersatz battles is not the same thing at all. Children act out their emotions, they don’t talk them out and they don’t watch them out. Their imagination and their muscles need each other.
    Leontine Young (20th century)