Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter

The Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter is an accessory for the Game Boy Advance, and was released by Nintendo in 2004. It provides an alternative to the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable but does not enjoy the same popularity due to a number of issues. The Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter is also compatible with the Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Player, and e-Reader.

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Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter - Compatible Games
... bit Generations series (Japan only) Boktai 2 Solar Boy Django Boktai 3 Sabata's Counterattack Classic NES Series Donkey Kong (arcade game) Dr ... Xevious Digimon Racing (Note Wireless Adapter functionality is not available in the European release) Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury Hamtaro Ham-Ham Games The Lord of the Rings The Third Age Sonic Advance 3 Mario ...
Game Boy Accessories - Game Boy Advance - Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter
... The Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter allows Game Boy Advance players to link wirelessly for multiplayer gameplay ... It is compatible with the Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, and Game Boy Player, but it doesn't fit the Game Boy Micro's different style link cable port ... As of July 2009, only about thirty Game Boy Advance games support this feature ...

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