Galton Laboratory

The Galton Laboratory, was a laboratory for research into human genetics based at University College London in London, England. It was originally established in 1904, and became part of UCL's biology department in 1996.

The Galton Laboratory was founded in UCL as early as 1904, as a centre for research in human genetics. The Annals of Human Genetics was founded here in 1925 by Karl Pearson, the first Galton Professor, and the journal has always been edited at the Galton. Pearson was succeeded by R. A. Fisher in 1934. The post-war Galton Professors were Lionel Penrose up to 1965, Harry Harris to 1976 and Bette Robson until 1994. J.B.S. Haldane held the Chair of Biometry here and was succeeded by C.A.B. Smith. The Galton Laboratory became part of the Department of Biology in UCL in 1996. MRC Human Biochemical Genetics Unit was established by Harris in 1962. He was Hon. Director until he went to Philadelphia in 1976, and the Unit continued under the direction of David Hopkinson until its closure in October 2000.

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