Galaxy Morphological Classification

Galaxy morphological classification is a system used by astronomers to divide galaxies into groups based on their visual appearance. There are several schemes in use by which galaxies can be classified according to their morphologies, the most famous being the Hubble sequence, devised by Edwin Hubble and later expanded by GĂ©rard de Vaucouleurs and Allan Sandage.

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Galaxy Morphological Classification - Yerkes (or Morgan) Scheme
... Keenan, Morgan developed the MK system for the classification of stars through their spectra ... The Yerkes scheme uses the spectra of stars in the galaxy the shape, real and apparent and the degree of the central concentration to classify galaxies ... N small bright nucleus S Spiral Inclination Explanation 1 Galaxy is "Face-on" 7 ... Galaxy is "Edge-on" So, for example, the Andromeda Galaxy is classified as kS5 ...

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