Gajda may refer to:

  • a variant of spelling of the gaida bagpipe
  • the surname of Radola Gajda, Czech general and fascist leader

Other articles related to "gajda":

Jiří Stříbrný
... Party, just a short time after general Radola Gajda was forced down from the military ... Gajda openly admitted to be a supporter of Italian fascism, although some would say he was fired on command of Tomáš Masaryk and Edvard Beneš ... Gajda was outing his grievances through the press holdings of Stříbrný, which did not sit well with the Socialist Party leadership, under Beneš (although Stříbrný was not particularly fond of Beneš as well) ...
Radola Gajda - Politician
... Still a young man of 34, Gajda decided to turn to politics ... In 1931 Gajda was briefly imprisoned and stripped of military rank due to a prior scandal ... Gajda was arrested the next day and charged with inciting the coup ...