Fuzzy Locating System

Fuzzy Locating System

Fuzzy locating is a rough but reliable method based on appropriate measuring technology for estimating a location of an object. The concept of precise or crisp locating is replaced with respect to the operational requirements and the economic viability. In most cases the knowledge of exact coordinates does not contribute to operations, but the spatial or planar relation between entities is relevant. Hence fuzzy locating determines the radial distances between entities involved in an operational process and reduces the required accuracy of measurement to basic qualities of close, near or far and to relations simple as in or out. However such segregation shall be achieved with high reliability and sound repetition.

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... Technology for an Indoor Geolocation and Physiological Monitoring System, Storming Media (2002), ISBN 978-1-4235-1133-5 Indoor Geolocation Using Wireless Local Area Networks (Berichte ...
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... in a building will be sufficient for sound fuzzy locating by single measurements ... Typically fuzzy locating coincides with simple power level measurement, usually configured as unilateration ... As a generalized approach the fuzzy locating based on power levels measured with wireless nodes will roughly suffice for coarse guessing a location ...

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