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Shelter Island (How I Met Your Mother) - Plot
... Marshall, Lily and Barney are at the bar, when Ted and Stella arrive ... sister also mentions that she's a vegan, after which Ted proceeds to order the lamb ... Back at the bar Ted swears that they will out-do Stella's sister's wedding ...
Robin Scherbatsky - Character History
... ex-boyfriend, and the show's main character, Ted, only briefly residing with Don, her colleague and then-boyfriend (she returned to Ted's apartment after the breakup, as Don moved to Chicago) ... news segments at the time of first meeting Ted, over the series she has worked her way up to be lead news anchor at Metro News 1, before taking a prominent ... She was reluctant at first to date Ted as he wanted to marry her and settle down, but got together with him anyway in the Season One finale ...
Ted Mosby - Future Ted
... Future Ted, voiced by Bob Saget, narrates every episode to his children in 2030, framed as the story of how he met their mother ... season 3, "Wait for It", reveals that Ted's kids already know the "short version" of the story of how Ted met their mother, and that it was an incident ... Some clues given are that Ted's future wife is a college student studying economics, as she was in the classroom on Ted's first day as a professor, where he initially went to the wrong ...

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