Full Rate

Full Rate or FR or GSM-FR or GSM 06.10 was the first digital speech coding standard used in the GSM digital mobile phone system. The bit rate of the codec is 13 kbit/s, or 1.625 bits/audio sample (often padded out to 33 bytes/20 ms or 13.2 kbit/s). The quality of the coded speech is quite poor by modern standards, but at the time of development (early 1990s) it was a good compromise between computational complexity and quality, requiring only on the order of a million additions and multiplications per second. The codec is still widely used in networks around the world. Gradually FR will be replaced by Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) and Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) standards, which provide much higher speech quality with lower bit rate.

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... The SMV for Wideband CDMA is based on 4 codecs full rate at 8.5 kbit/s, half rate at 4 kbit/s, quarter rate at 2 kbit/s, and eighth rate at 800 bit/s ... The full rate and half rate are based on the CELP algorithm that is based on a combined closed-loop-open-loop-analysis (COLA) ... by spectrum-modulated noise and coded at 1/4 or 1/8 rate ...
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... channel they were allocated, were used, called Half Rate (6.5 kbit/s) and Full Rate (13 kbit/s) ... GSM was further enhanced in 1997 with the Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) codec, a 12.2 kbit/s codec that uses a full rate channel ... Finally, with the development of UMTS, EFR was refactored into a variable-rate codec called AMR-Narrowband, which is high quality and robust against ...
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... a 33-byte nibble-padded representation of a GSM frame (which, at a frame rate of 50/s, is the basis for the incorrect claim that the GSM bit rate is 13.2 kbit/s) ...

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