Full Cover Bet

A full cover bet is any bet which consists of all available multiple bets over a given number of selections.

Examples of full cover bets:

  • Trixie - three selections
  • Yankee - four selections
  • Canadian or Super Yankee - five selections
  • Heinz - six selections

Examples of full cover bets with singles included:

  • Patent - three selections
  • Lucky 15 - four selections
  • Lucky 31 - five selections
  • Lucky 63 - six selections

The Lucky bets are so named because of the bookmaker's practice of offering bonuses for one or more winning selections; most common of which is 'double the odds' for one winner. The offering of a percentage increase in winnings for the success of two or more selections in these Lucky bets is primarily to compensate for the compounding of the overround when two or more events with individual overrounds on their books are combined in doubles, trebles and accumulators.

Famous quotes containing the words bet, full and/or cover:

    “... But let’s forgive him.
    We’ve had a share in one night of his life.
    What’ll you bet he ever calls again?”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Are cans constitutionally iffy? Whenever, that is, we say that we can do something, or could do something, or could have done something, is there an if in the offing—suppressed, it may be, but due nevertheless to appear when we set out our sentence in full or when we give an explanation of its meaning?
    —J.L. (John Langshaw)

    Every individual ought to know at least one poet from cover to cover: if not as a guide through the world, then as a yardstick for the language.
    Joseph Brodsky (b. 1940)