Fujiwara Clan - Family Tree

Family Tree

Fujiwara family tree
NANKE branch HOKKE branch SHIKIKE branch KYŌKE branch
Muchimaro Fusasaki Umakai Maro
Toyonari Nakamaro Nagate Kiyokawa Matate Uona Kaedemaro Hirotsugu Kiyonari Yoshitsugu Momokawa Kurajimaro Hamanari
Tsuginawa Asakari Uchimaro Fujinari Sonondo Tanetsugu Otsugu
Fuyutsugu Toyozawa Nakanari
Yoshifusa Yoshisuke Yoshikado Murao
Mototsune Hidesato
Tokihira Nakahira Tadahira
Morosuke Saneyori
Tamemitsu Kinsue Koretada Kaneie Kanemichi Yoritada
Michinaga Michikane Michitaka Kintō
Yorimichi Norimichi Nagaie Korechika
Morzane Nobunage Tadaie
Moromichi Toshitada
Tadazane Toshinari
Yorinaga Tadamcihi Sadaie
Kanezane Motofusa Motozane
  • In the 13th century, the main line of the Fujiwara family split into five families or houses: the Kujō, Nijō and Ichijō (descendants of Kanezane); and also the Konoe and Takatsukasa (descendants of Motozane).

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