Fuel Starvation

Fuel starvation and fuel exhaustion (sometimes referred to as fuel depletion) are problems that can affect internal combustion engines fuelled by either diesel, kerosene, petroleum or any other combustible liquid or gas. If no fuel is available for an engine to burn, it cannot function. All modes of transport powered by such engines can be affected by this problem, but the consequences are most significant when it occurs to aircraft in flight. The remainder of this article discusses primarily fuel starvation and exhaustion issues in aviation.

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... and sometimes accidentally) when the aircraft has continued on its own until fuel exhaustion caused it to crash Some time between midnight and dawn on 5 April 1943, the ... his aircraft over Wiltshire, England the aircraft continued on its own until fuel exhaustion caused it to crash into the Irish Sea ... by United States Air Force F-15s until it ran out of fuel and crashed into a house in Belgium, killing the occupant of the house ...

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