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Megabat - Classification - List of Species
... PTEROPODIDAE Subfamily Nyctimeninae Genus Nyctimene - tube-nosed fruit bats Broad-striped Tube-nosed Fruit Bat, Nyctimene aello Common Tube-nosed Fruit Bat, Nyctimene albiventer Pallas's Tube-n ... conspicillatus species group Spectacled Flying Fox, Pteropus conspicillatus Ceram Fruit Bat, Pteropus ocularis P ... Aru Flying Fox, Pteropus aruensis Kei Flying Fox, Pteropus keyensis Livingstone's Fruit Bat, Pteropus livingstonii Black-bearded Flying Fox, Pteropus ...
Livingstone's Fruit Bat - Behaviour and Biology
... The diet of Livingstone's fruit bats consists of fruit, pollen, nectar, and leaves ... They forage for food primarily in the upper canopy of the forest, whereas the two other fruit bats native to the Comoros, the Seychelles fruit bat, and the Comoro rousette, forage in the middle and lower canopy ... Livingstone's fruit bats roost in trees, in groups of six to 160 individuals, with up to eight trees per site ...
Bugle Rock - Fruit Bats
... In the Bugle Rock park, in a study carried out by bat biologists, fruit bats (Pteropus giganteus) (also called Indian Flying-fox, listed as least-threatened in the 2006 IUCN ... Mangifera indica (mango fruit tree), Samanea saman (rain tree), Eucalyptus sp ... The study has observed that there is need to conserve urban roosts of bats ...
Dusky Fruit Bat - Biology and Ecology
... The species roosts in rock shelters or caves and eats fruit, which it carries back to the cave (Payne et al ... The upper parts of dusky fruit bats are dark grey-brown in colour ... Short-nosed fruit bats, Cynopterus spp ...

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    While I wrought out these fitful Danaan rhymes,
    My heart would brim with dreams about the times
    When we bent down above the fading coals
    And talked of the dark folk who live in souls
    Of passionate men, like bats in the dead trees....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Not the fruit of experience, but experience itself, is the end.
    Walter Pater (1839–1894)