Frost (surname)

The surname Frost is of Anglo Saxon origin.It was given to someone with white hair or beard or someone with a cold personality.

It is the surname of:

  • A. B. Frost (1851–1928), American illustrator and graphic artist
  • Alex Frost (born 1987), American actor
  • Andy Frost (disk jockey) (born 1956), Canadian disc jockey
  • Anthony Frost (born 1951), English abstract artist
  • Arthur Frost (footballer) (1915–1988), English footballer
  • Ben Frost (artist) (born 1975), Australian visual and performing artist
  • Ben Frost (musician) (born 1980), Australian musician
  • Craig Frost (born 1948), American musician
  • Dan Frost (born 1961), Danish track cyclist
  • Daniel M. Frost (1823–1900), Confederate general during the American Civil War
  • Dave Frost (born 1952), former American baseball player
  • David Frost (born 1939), British broadcaster
  • David Frost (golfer) (born 1959), South African golfer
  • David Frost (producer), classical record producer
  • David Frost (sports agent), former sports agent
  • Derrick Frost (born 1980), American footballer
  • Doug Frost (swimming coach) (born 1943), Australian swimming coach
  • Doug Frost (wine) American Master of Wine, Master Sommelier and author
  • Edwin Brant Frost (1855–1935), American astronomer
  • Francis Theodore Frost (1843–1916), Canadian manufacturer and politician
  • Gavin Frost (born 1930), founder of the Church and School of Wicca
  • George Frost (1720–1795), American statesman and jurist
  • Graeme Frost (born 1995), American student and Democratic advocate
  • Honor Frost (1917–2010), Pioneer in the field of underwater archaeology
  • Jack Frost (disambiguation)
  • James Frost (born 1986), Welsh musician
  • James Frost (video director) (born 1979)
  • Jennipher Frost, American model
  • Jenny Frost (born 1978), British singer
  • Jim True-Frost (born 1966), American actor
  • Jo Frost (born 1971), English nanny and television presenter
  • John Frost (Chartist) (1784–1877), British Chartist
  • John Frost (footballer) (born 1980), Irish professional footballer
  • John Carver Meadows Frost (1915–1979), British aircraft designer
  • John Dutton Frost (1912–1993), British army officer, served in Operation Market Garden
  • Julie Frost, American songwriter
  • Kate Frost, American pornographic actress
  • Kathryn Frost (1948–2006), Commander in the United States Army and Air Force Exchange Service
  • Ken Frost, British economist and accountant
  • Kid Frost (born 1985), Mexican-American hip-hop artist
  • Lauren Frost (born 1985), American artist
  • Laurence Hugh Frost (1902–1977), U.S. Admiral
  • Leslie Frost (1895–1973), Canadian politician
  • Lindsay Frost (born 1962), American actor
  • Luke Frost, British abstract artist
  • Mark Frost (born 1953), American screen writer, novelist, and television executive producer
  • Mark Frost (cricketer) (born 1962), former English cricketer
  • Martin Frost (born 1942), American politician
  • Morten Frost (born 1948), former Danish badminton player
  • Nick Frost (born 1972), English actor and comedian
  • Olive Grey Frost, one of several wives of Joseph Smith, Jr.
  • Peter Frost (disambiguation)
  • Polly Frost, American journalist
  • Robert Frost (1874–1963), American poet
  • Robert I. Frost (c. 1960–), British historian
  • Royal Harwood Frost (1879–1950), American astronomer
  • Sadie Frost (born 1965), English actress and fashion designer
  • Samuel H. Frost (born 1818), New York politician
  • Scott Frost (born 1965), American football coach
  • Scott Frost (writer), American screen writer and novelist
  • Stef Frost (born 1989), English professional footballer
  • Stephen Frost (born 1955), English comedian
  • Stuart W. Frost (1891–1990), American professor of entomology
  • Terry Frost (1915–2003), English abstract artist
  • Terry Frost (actor) (1906–1993), American actor
  • Tony Frost (born 1975), English cricketer
  • Wade Hampton Frost (1880–1938), American epidemiologist
  • Warren Frost (born 1925), American actor
  • Wenlan Hu Frost (born 1958), Chinese-American artist
  • Yvonne Frost, American Wiccan author

Fictional characters:

  • Adrienne Frost, fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Cordelia Frost, fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Deacon Frost, fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Emma Frost, fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Jack Frost (detective), fictional detective created by R. D. Wing field
  • Killer Frost, the name of 2 fictional villains in DC Comics
  • Miranda Frost, spy and Bond girl in the James Bond film Die Another Day
  • Muriel Frost, fictional character from the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip
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Famous quotes containing the word frost:

    And every acre good enough to eat,
    As fine as flour put through a baker’s sieve.
    —Robert Frost (1874–1963)