Frog Legs

Frog legs are one of the better-known delicacies of French and Cantonese cuisine. They are also eaten in other regions, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the region of Alentejo in Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, northwest Greece, and Northern Italy, as well as the Southern regions of the United States. Currently the world's largest exporter of frogs is Indonesia, also a large consumer. In regions such as Brazil, Mexico and the Caribbean many frogs are still caught wild. A type of frog called the edible frog is most often used for this dish. Frog legs are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin a and potassium. They are often said to taste like chicken because of their mild flavor, with a texture most similar to chicken wings. The taste and texture of frog meat approximately between chicken and fish. Frogs are raised commercially in certain countries, e.g. Vietnam. Frog muscle does not resolve rigor mortis as quickly as warm-blooded muscle (chicken, for example), so heat from cooking can cause fresh frog legs to twitch.

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... Swikee or Swike is a Chinese Indonesian frog leg dish ... The dish can be served as soup, deep fried or stir fried frog legs ... Pe̍h-ōe-jī súi-ke) sui (water) and ke (chicken), which probably an euphemism to refer frogs as "water chicken" ...
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... There is two main issues dealing with frog legs consumption in Indonesia, the religion and environmental issues ... Frog meat is considered as haraam (non-halal) meat according to mainstream Islamic dietary laws ... Frog meat fell under non-halal category on two prepositions the meat to be consumed should not considered disgusting, and frog together with ant, bee, and sea birds are the animals that ...
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... In many parts of Kerala, especially Central Kerala, frog legs are a delicacy ... They are generally served in the fried form (commonly in local liquor shops known as toddy shops) ...
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... During pre-game festivities, an SMU fan was frying frog legs as a joke before the game ... A TCU fan, seeing this desecration of the "frog", went over and told him that eating the frog legs was going well beyond the rivalry and that they ... TCU won the game, and the skillet and frog legs went to TCU ...

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