French Air Defence Radar Systems - System Elements

System Elements

  • STRIDA (Système de Traitement et de Représentation des Informations de Défense Aérienne, lit. "System for processing and representing air defence information") is the radar itself. They equip the CDAOA, the CCOA, the CDC’s and the UDA
  • PALMIER. are 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional radars in the 23 cm wavelength. They feed information to the CDCs, which exchange their radar inputs from the other CDC’s, from foreign allied NATO CRC’s and from the E-3F and E-2C planes to complete the situation awareness.
  • VISU- IV/ -V are computerised workspaces manned by military controllers, that can be operated in control mode or surveillance mode. A senior controller is always in charge of supervising the operators. The VISU- IV/ -V equip the CDCs and UDA.
  • METEOR and ETEC are radio and datalink communication systems. They constitute the primary means of transmission, though telephone and radio transmissions may also be sent via other specific sources in the defence network, such as Socrate or MTBA, or even through the installations of France Télécom.

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