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  • Nuclear Winter – Formerly a Soviet agent named Sukhov, Nuclear Winter was transformed by Energy X into a being made of ice and dedicated to the destruction of his capitalist enemies. Nuclear Winter possesses strong melee attacks and ice-based projectiles, but is physically slow due to his icy temperament. He is the first supervillain to be defeated by Freedom Force in the original game and the sequel. Here, he steals an atomic bomb which he plans to detonate within Patriot City. As Minuteman's arch-enemy, he can be viewed as an analogue to Captain America's foe Red Skull, although with his outlandish appearance and powers, he shares more in common with the satirical villains of Fighting American.
  • Pinstripe – Joey "Pinstripe" Rigotta was a run-of-the-mill mobster before gaining powers from Energy X. He is a relatively minor villain, defeated early in the first game, but is directly responsible for the creation of Liberty Lad and the composite heroes Law and Order. Pinstripe looks like a typical 30's-movie gangster with a cigar in his mouth and a pinstriped suit, but with purple skin. He is virtually immune to physical attacks and knockbacks, and his tommygun fires ordinary bullets and a density-increasing beam that can ground flying heroes. He uses mobsters and street thugs as henchmen, who wield bats, pistols and grenades.
  • Shadow – Once a famous supermodel, Amber Autumn was extremely vain. When she sustained a tiny scar on her cheek, Amber went mad, convinced that she was horribly disfigured. Energy X gave her powers of darkness, which she uses to destroy the "beautiful" society from which she had banished herself. As Shadow, she wears a mask to hide her "ugliness" and transforms ordinary citizens into Dark Men, misshapen cloaked minions with weaker versions of her own powers. Shadow can become invisible, and can blind her opponents with a ranged attack. In her subterranean lair, she enslaved The Ant with mind-controlling drugs to assist her in her restructuring of Patriot City in her own twisted self-image. After she was defeated and unmasked by Freedom Force, the Dark Men swarmed over Shadow and pummelled her in a rage over her beauty. She was given another chance to live by Time Master at the end of the game. In Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich, she is mentioned as being locked in a mental asylum.
  • Deja Vu – Deja Vu is an escaped mental patient who was empowered by Energy X, he always speaks in rhymes and can clone himself at will. He carries a ray gun that causes radiation damage and creates a large ray cannon which can create evil duplicates of anyone, whether hero or ordinary citizen. He uses his duplicates to frame Minuteman for various crimes, a common comic book plot.
  • Mr. Mechanical – Mr. Mechanical was a failed architect with bizarre sensibilities. His buildings were unstable and caused many injuries and deaths when they collapsed. He was driven out of architecture after an important structure he was commissioned to build collapsed only a week after its unveiling, he claimed that it was sabotaged by petty minds jealous of his genius and incapable of appreciating his wonderful works. Appealing to his insane sense of injustice and revenge, Time Master enlisted Mr. Mechanical to create an army of gigantic robots to wreck Patriot City's "inferior" buildings.
  • Pan – The Greek god Pan was summoned to Patriot City by the Time Master in order to create chaos and further test Freedom Force. Smitten by Eve, he captures her and forces Freedom Force to rescue her from his floating island fortress.
  • Praetor – The second-in-command of Lord Dominion. Though known of by Mentor, Freedom Force first makes contact with him when he leads a Domain invasion force to Patriot City. What they later learn is that this mission was somewhat altruistic—they came to prevent Time Master from stealing an artifact from the museum that would make him too powerful to control.
  • Lord Dominion – The cruel ruler of the race known as The Domain, Lord Dominion had supposedly conquered all dimensions but one: ours. Bored with straightforward conquest, Lord Dominion decided to allow the Earth to destroy itself by imbuing the worst, most despicable humans with Energy X. Mentor stole one of Dominion's ships loaded with Energy X capsules and fled towards Earth, hoping to bestow its powers upon good people to counter the evil plans. After his defeat by Freedom Force, Lord Dominion becomes the team's reluctant ally against Time Master.
  • Time Master – This mysterious entity holds sway over the power of time itself. He is revealed as the ultimate villain in the first game, having directed or manipulated the lesser villains to attack Freedom Force. He used Man-Bot as a living power source in his scheme to destroy the Celestial Clock, thus stopping time in the universe and making himself immortal, as the only thing his chronal powers do not allow him to do is halt his own aging. Although he appears to explode after being defeated, the second game retcons events so he survived but lapsed into a dormant state in which Freedom Force handed him over to the American government.

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