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Freebox Device

The sole property of Free, the Freebox device is loaned for free to the customer for the duration of the ADSL contract. More than a simple ADSL modem, it is the primary conduit through which Free provides many of its services. It also replaces many devices that customers may otherwise have to purchase and thus provides added value of its own.

The latest revision is actually composed of two parts:

  • A 'Server' device which houses an ADSL / optical fiber modem, 4 port gigabit switch, 802.11n/b/g Wifi access point/hotspot, powerline networking, router, 250GB NAS (extensible through USB and eSATA), wired and DECT wireless phone base, UPnP media server and more.
  • A 'Player' set-top box which acts as an HD DVB recorder (using the Freebox Server NAS), TV over internet player, Blu-ray player, gaming console equipped with a gamepad and motion sensing remote, web browser.

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