Free-range Eggs

Free-range eggs are eggs produced using birds that are permitted to roam freely within a farmyard, a shed or a chicken coop. This is different from factory-farmed birds that are typically enclosed in battery cages. The term "free-range" may be used differently depending on the country and its laws.

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Free-range Eggs - Nutritional Content
... Studies suggest the nutritional content of eggs from hens that forage daily on a grass range is superior to that of eggs produced by conventional means ... in 2010 using industry standard measures of shell strength, the height of egg whites (Haugh unit) and their protein and crude fat content determined that there were no nutritional benefits to free-range eggs when ... However the study did not measure the types of fat in the eggs nor did it measure differences in vitamin and essential fatty acid content ...

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    Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889)