Fredericksburg Union Order of Battle - Army of The Potomac - Right Grand Division - II Corps

II Corps

MG Darius N. Couch

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

BG Winfield Scott Hancock

1st Brigade

BG John C. Caldwell (w)
Col George W. Von Schack

  • 5th New Hampshire: Col Edward E. Cross (w), Maj Edward E. Sturtevant (w), Cpt James E. Larkin (w), Cpt Horace T. H. Pierce
  • 7th New York: Col John E. Bendix (w), Lt. Col George W. von Schack, Cpt G. A. von Bransen
  • 61st New York: Col Nelson A. Miles (w)
  • 64th New York: Ltc Enos C. Brooks
  • 81st Pennsylvania: Col H. Boyd McKeen (w), Cpt William Wilson
  • 145th Pennsylvania: Col Hiram L. Brown (w), Ltc David B. McCreary
2nd Brigade

(Irish Brigade)
BG Thomas F. Meagher

  • 28th Massachusetts: Col Richard Byrnes
  • 63rd New York: Ltc Richard C. Bentley, Maj Joseph O'Neill, Cpt Patrick J. Condon
  • 69th New York: Col Robert Nugent, Cpt James Saunders
  • 88th New York: Col Patrick Kelly
  • 116th Pennsylvania: Col Dennis Heenan, Ltc St. Clair Augustine Mulholland, Lt Francis T. Quinlan
3rd Brigade

Col Samuel K. Zook

  • 27th Connecticut: Col Richard S. Bostwick
  • 2nd Delaware: Col William P. Baily (w)
  • 52nd New York: Col Paul Frank
  • 57th New York: Ltc Alford B. Chapman, Maj N. Garrow Throop, Cpt James W. Britt
  • 66th New York: Ltc James H. Bull, Cpt Julius Wehle, Cpt John S. Hammell, Lt James G. Derrickson
  • 53rd Pennsylvania: Col John R. Brooke
  • Battery B, 1st New York Light: Cpt Rufus D. Pettit
  • Battery C, 4th United States: Lt Evan Thomas

Second Division

BG Oliver O. Howard

1st Brigade

BG Alfred Sully

  • 19th Maine: Col Frederick D. Sewall, Ltc Francis E. Heath
  • 15th Massachusetts: Maj Chase Philbrick, Cpt John Murkland, Cpt Charles H. Watson
  • Massachusetts Sharpshooters, 1st Company: Cpt William Plumer
  • 1st Minnesota: Col George N. Morgan
  • Minnesota Sharpshooters, 2nd Company: Cpt William F. Russell
  • 34th New York: Col James A. Sutter
  • 82nd New York: Ltc James Huston
2nd Brigade (Philadelphia Brigade)

Col Joshua T. Owen

  • 69th Pennsylvania: Ltc Dennis O'Kane
  • 71st Pennsylvania: Ltc John Markoe
  • 72nd Pennsylvania: Col DeWitt C. Baxter
  • 106th Pennsylvania: Col Turner G. Morehead
3rd Brigade

Col Norman J. Hall (w)
Col William R. Lee

  • 19th Massachusetts: Cpt H. G. O. Weymouth
  • 20th Massachusetts: Cpt George N. Macy
  • 7th Michigan: Ltc Henry Baxter, Maj Thomas H. Hunt
  • 42nd New York: Ltc George N. Bomford
  • 59th New York: Ltc William Northedge
  • 127th Pennsylvania: Col William W. Jennings
  • Battery A, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt William A. Arnold
  • Battery B, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt John G. Hazard

Third Division

BG William H. French

1st Brigade

("Gibraltar Brigade")
BG Nathan Kimball (w)
Col John S. Mason

  • 14th Indiana: Maj Elijah H. C. Cavins
  • 24th New Jersey: Col William B. Robertson
  • 28th New Jersey: Col Moses N. Wisewell, Ltc E. A. L. Roberts
  • 4th Ohio: Col John S. Mason, Ltc James H. Godman, Cpt Gordon A. Stewart
  • 8th Ohio: Ltc Franklin Sawyer
  • 7th West Virginia: Col Joseph Snider, Ltc Jonathan H. Lockwood
2nd Brigade

Col Oliver H. Palmer

  • 14th Connecticut: Ltc Sanford H. Perkins, Cpt Samuel H. Davis
  • 108th New York: Ltc Charles J. Powers
  • 130th Pennsylvania: Col Henry I. Zinn, Cpt William M. Porter
3rd Brigade

Col John W. Andrews
Ltc William Jameson
Ltc John W. Marshall

  • 1st Delaware: Maj Thomas A. Smyth
  • 4th New York: Col John D. MacGregor, Ltc William Jameson, Maj Charles W. Kruger
  • 10th New York: Col John E. Bendix, Cpt Salmon Winchester, Cpt George F. Hopper
  • 132nd Pennsylvania: Ltc Charles Albright
  • Battery G, 1st New York Light: Cpt John D. Frank
  • Battery G, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt Charles D. Owen
Corps Artillery Reserve

Cpt Charles H. Morgan

  • Battery I, 1st United States: Lt Edmund Kirby
  • Battery A, 4th United States: Lt Rufus King, Jr.

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