Fredericksburg Union Order of Battle - Army of The Potomac - Center Grand Division - V Corps

V Corps

BG Daniel Butterfield

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

BG Charles Griffin

1st Brigade

Col James Barnes

  • 2nd Maine: Ltc George Varney, Maj Daniel F. Sargent
  • Massachusetts Sharpshooters, 2nd Company: Cpt Lewis E. Wentworth
  • 18th Massachusetts: Ltc Joseph Hayes
  • 22nd Massachusetts: Ltc William S. Tilton
  • 1st Michigan: Ltc Ira C. Abbott
  • 13th New York: Col Elisha Marshall (w), Ltc Francis A. Schoeffel
  • 25th New York: Cpt Patrick Connelly
  • 118th Pennsylvania: Ltc James Gwyn
2nd Brigade

Col Jacob B. Sweitzer

  • 9th Massachusetts: Col Patrick Robert Guiney
  • 32nd Massachusetts: Col Francis J. Parker
  • 4th Michigan: Ltc George W. Lumbard
  • 14th New York: Ltc Thomas M. Davies
  • 62nd Pennsylvania: Ltc James C. Hull
3rd Brigade

Col T. B. W. Stockton

  • 20th Maine: Col Adelbert Ames
  • Michigan Sharpshooters, Brady's Company: Lt Jonas H. Titus Jr.
  • 16th Michigan: Ltc Norval E. Welch
  • 12th New York: Ltc Robert M. Richardson
  • 17th New York: Cpt John Vickers
  • 44th New York: Ltc Freeman Conner, Maj Edward B. Knox
  • 83rd Pennsylvania: Col Strong Vincent
  • 3d Battery (C), Massachusetts Light: Cpt Augustus P. Martin
  • 5th Battery (E), Massachusetts Light: Cpt Charles A. Phillips
  • Battery C, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt Richard Waterman
  • Battery D, 5th United States: Lt Charles E. Hazlett
  • 1st United States: Ltc Casper Trepp

Second Division

BG George Sykes

1st Brigade

Ltc Robert C. Buchanan

  • 3rd United States: Cpt John D. Wilkins
  • 4th United States: Cpt Hiram Dryer
  • 12th United States, 1st Battalion: Cpt Matthew M. Blunt
  • 12th United States, 2nd Battalion: Cpt Thomas M. Anderson
  • 14th United States, 1st Battalion: Cpt John D. O'Connell
  • 14th United States, 2nd Battalion: Cpt Giles B. Overton
2nd Brigade

Maj George L. Andrews
Maj Charles S. Lovell

  • 1st and 2nd United States (battalion): Cpt Salem S. Marsh
  • 6th United States: Cpt Levi C. Bootes
  • 7th United States (battalion): Cpt David P. Hancock
  • 10th United States: Cpt Henry E. Maynadier
  • 11th United States: Cpt Charles S. Russell
  • 17th and 19th United States (battalion): Cpt John P. Wales
3rd Brigade

BG Gouverneur K. Warren

  • 5th New York: Col Cleveland Winslow
  • 140th New York: Col Patrick O'Rorke
  • 146th New York: Col Kenner Garrard
  • Battery L, 1st Ohio Light: Lt Frederick Dorries
  • Battery I, 5th United States: Lt Malbone F. Watson

Third Division

BG Andrew A. Humphreys

1st Brigade

BG Erastus B. Tyler

  • 91st Pennsylvania: Col Edgar M. Gregory
  • 126th Pennsylvania: Col James G. Elder, Ltc David W. Rowe
  • 129th Pennsylvania: Col Jacob G. Frick
  • 134th Pennsylvania: Ltc Edward O'Brien
2nd Brigade

Col Peter H. Allabach

  • 123rd Pennsylvania: Col John B. Clark
  • 131st Pennsylvania: Ltc William B. Shaut
  • 133rd Pennsylvania: Col Franklin B. Speakman
  • 155th Pennsylvania: Col Edward J. Allen
  • Battery C, 1st New York Light: Lt William H. Phillips
  • Batteries E and G, 1st United States: Cpt Alanson M. Randol
Cavalry Brigade

BG William W. Averell

  • 1st Massachusetts: Col Horace B. Sargent
  • 3rd Pennsylvania: Ltc Edward S. Jones
  • 4th Pennsylvania: Col James K. Kerr
  • 5th United States: Cpt James E. Harrison
  • Batteries B and L, 2nd United States: Cpt James M. Robertson

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