Fredericksburg Union Order of Battle - Army of The Potomac - Center Grand Division - III Corps

III Corps

BG George Stoneman

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

BG David B. Birney

1st Brigade

BG John C. Robinson

  • 20th Indiana: Col John Van Valkenburg
  • 63rd Pennsylvania: Maj John A. Danks
  • 68th Pennsylvania: Col Andrew H. Tippin
  • 105th Pennsylvania: Col Amor A. McKnight
  • 114th Pennsylvania: Col Charles H. T. Collis
  • 141st Pennsylvania: Col Henry J. Madill
2nd Brigade

BG J. H. Hobart Ward

  • 3rd Maine: Col Moses B. Lakeman
  • 4th Maine: Col Elijah Walker
  • 38th New York: Ltc William Birney
  • 40th New York: Ltc Nelson A. Gesner
  • 55th New York: Col Régis de Trobriand
  • 57th Pennsylvania: Col Charles T. Campbell, Ltc Peter Sides
  • 99th Pennsylvania: Col Asher S. Leidy, Ltc Edwin R. Biles
3rd Brigade

BG Hiram G. Berry

  • 17th Maine: Col Thomas A. Roberts
  • 3rd Michigan: Maj Moses B. Houghton
  • 5th Michigan: Ltc John Gilluly, Maj Edward T. Sherlock
  • 1st New York: Col J. Frederick Pierson
  • 37th New York: Col Samuel B. Hayman
  • 101st New York: Col George F. Chester

Cpt George E. Randolph

  • Battery E, 1st Rhode Island Light: Lt Pardon S. Jastram
  • Batteries F and K, 3rd United States: Lt John G. Turnbull

Second Division

BG Daniel Sickles

1st Brigade

BG Joseph B. Carr

  • 1st Massachusetts: Ltc Clark B. Baldwin, Col Napoleon B. McLaughlen
  • 11th Massachusetts: Col William E. Blaisdell
  • 16th Massachusetts: Col Thomas R. Tannatt
  • 2nd New Hampshire: Col Gilman Marston
  • 11th New Jersey: Col Robert McAllister
  • 26th Pennsylvania: Ltc Benjamin C. Tilghman
2nd Brigade ("Excelsior Brigade")

Col George B. Hall

  • 70th New York: Col J. Egbert Farnum
  • 71st New York: Maj Thomas Rafferty
  • 72nd New York: Col William O. Stevens
  • 73rd New York: Col William R. Brewster
  • 74th New York: Ltc William H. Lounsbury
  • 120th New York: Col George H. Sharpe
3rd Brigade

BG Joseph W. Revere

  • 5th New Jersey: Col William J. Sewell
  • 6th New Jersey: Col George C. Burling
  • 7th New Jersey: Col Louis R. Francine
  • 8th New Jersey: Col Adolphus J. Johnson
  • 2nd New York: Col Sidney W. Park
  • 115th Pennsylvania: Ltc William A. Olmsted

Cpt James E. Smith

  • 2nd Battery "B" New Jersey Volunteer Light Artillery: Cpt A. Judson Clark
  • 4th Battery, New York Light: Lt Joseph E. Nairn
  • Battery H, 1st United States: Lt Justin E. Dimick
  • Battery K, 4th United States: Lt Francis W. Seeley

Third Division

BG Amiel W. Whipple

1st Brigade

BG Abram S. Piatt
Col Emlen Franklin

  • 86th New York: Ltc Barna J. Chapin
  • 124th New York: Col Augustus Van Horne Ellis
  • 122nd Pennsylvania: Col Emlen Franklin
2nd Brigade

Col Samuel S. Carroll

  • 12th New Hampshire: Col Joseph H. Potter
  • 163rd New York: Maj James J. Byrne
  • 84th Pennsylvania: Col Samuel M. Bowman
  • 110th Pennsylvania: Ltc James Crowther
  • 10th Battery, New York Light: Cpt John T. Bruen
  • 11th Battery, New York Light: Cpt Albert A. von Puttkammer
  • Battery H, 1st Ohio Light: Lt George W. Norton

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