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Fox McCloud - Characteristics
... In the original Star Fox, Fox wears an orange suit with a flight jacket and grey boots, along with a communication device on his head ... In Star Fox 64, he wears a green suit and his jacket sleeves are rolled up to his elbows ... Also in Star Fox 64, if the game is played at a certain difficulty, Fox wears a pair of sunglasses ...

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    If you want to know something he won’t tell you, cut off one of his fingers—the little one. Then tell him his thumb’s next. After that he’ll tell you if he wears ladies’ underwear.
    Quentin Tarantino, U.S. screenwriter and director. Mr. White (Harvey Keitel)

    How much the greatest event it is that ever happened in the world! and how much the best!
    —Charles James Fox (1749–1806)