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Coal is the most abundant fossil fuel on the planet. It is a relatively cheap fuel, with some of the largest deposits in regions that are relatively stable politically, such as China, India and the United States. This contrasts with natural gas and petroleum, the largest deposits of which are located in the politically volatile Persian Gulf. Solid coal cannot directly replace natural gas or petroleum in most applications, petroleum is mostly used for transportation and the natural gas not used for electricity generation is used for space, water and industrial heating. Coal can be converted to gas or liquid fuel, but the efficiencies and economics of such processes can make them unfeasible. Vehicles or heaters may require modification to use coal-derived fuels. Coal can produce more pollution than petroleum or natural gas.

As of 2009 the largest coal-fired power station is Taichung Power Plant in Taiwan. The world's most energy-efficient coal-fired power plant is the Avedøre Power Station in Denmark. One of world's least energy-efficient coal-fired power plants is the Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria, Australia.

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