Formal Semantics

  • (noun): The branch of semantics that studies the logical aspects of meaning.

Some articles on formal semantics, semantics, formal:

Semantics (computer Science) - Variations
... Some variations of formal semantics include the following Action semantics is an approach that tries to modularize denotational semantics, splitting the formalization process in two layers (macro and microsemantics ... Attribute grammars can be understood as a denotational semantics where the target language is simply the original language enriched with attribute annotations ... Aside from formal semantics, attribute grammars have also been used for code generation in compilers, and to augment regular or context-free grammars with context-sensitive ...
Abductive Logic Programming - Formal Semantics
... The formal semantics of the central notion of an abductive explanation in ALP, can be defined in the following way Given an abductive logic program, an abductive explanation for a problem ... Each particular choice of semantics defines its own entailment relation, its own notion of consistent logic programs and hence its own notion of what an abductive solution is ... In practice, the three main semantics of logic programming --- completion, stable and well-founded semantics --- have been used to define different ALP frameworks ...
Programming Language Specification - Semantics - Formal Semantics
... Formal semantics are grounded in mathematics ... As a result, they can be more precise and less ambiguous than semantics given in natural language ... However, supplemental natural language descriptions of the semantics are often included to aid understanding of the formal definitions ...

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