Forged Steel

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Oldsmobile V8 Engine - Generation 2 - 400
... All the pre-1968 engines used a forged steel crankshaft ... Early 400's used the same forged steel crankshaft as the 425's, while the Later 400's used the same cast iron crankshaft of the 455's, with rare exception- some 1968 and later Olds 400/455's were produced with ...
Shrapnel Shell - British Artillery Adoption
... provided a design with the bursting charge in the head and the shell wall made of steel and hence much thinner than previous cast-iron shrapnel shell walls ... It used a much thinner forged steel shell case with a timer fuze in the nose and a tube running through the centre to convey the ignition flash to a gunpowder ... The use of steel allowed the shell wall to be made much thinner and hence allow space for many more bullets ...
Chevrolet Small-block Engine - 4.00 in Bore Family (1962–1998) - 302
... The 302 ... used the same nodular cast-iron crank as the 283, with a forged-steel crankshaft that was also produced ... for the 302 was specially built of tufftride-hardened forged 1053-steel and fitted with a high-rpm 8.00 in ... windage tray, heat-treated, magnafluxed, and shot-peened forged 1038-steel 'pink' connecting rods, floating-pin in `69, and forged-aluminum pistons with higher scuff-resistance, better ...

Famous quotes containing the words steel and/or forged:

    It is not as easy to emigrate with steel mills as it is with the manuscript of a novel.
    Golo Mann (b. 1909)

    The poor, stupid, free American citizen! Free to starve, free to tramp the highways of this great country, he enjoys universal suffrage, and by that right, he has forged chains around his limbs. The reward that he receives is stringent labor laws prohibiting the right of boycott, of picketing, of everything, except the right to be robbed of the fruits of his labor.
    Emma Goldman (1869–1940)